Weather conditions may have contributed to chain-reaction crash

There are many factors that could potentially play a role in a motor vehicle accident occurring in St. Louis. In most cases it is a combination of things that is to blame. These factors include the speed the vehicles are travelling at, distracted behaviors drivers may be engaging in and the condition of the road on which the vehicles are travelling. The latter factor appears to have played at least a role in a chain reaction crash that happened on Interstate 70, earlier this week.

The early morning incident, which ultimately involved between 10 and 15 vehicles, commenced when a semi tractor-trailer and one or two other cars collided. At approximately the same time six other cars crashed into each other. Though the accident scene left the road closed during rush hour, the only injuries reported were minor ones which resulted in two people being transported to the hospital.

The portion of I-70 where the crash occurred is described as being depressed. It is possible that the lower level as well as the fog and moisture that left the roads wet, may have played a role on both of the accidents occurring. An investigation into the matter will likely determine the factors that contributed to the crashes,

As a result of the number of individuals involved, chain reaction crashes have the potential for devastating results. Though the injuries suffered in this instance appear to be minor, this is not always the case. Because of that, personal injury lawsuits are not uncommon after such an incident occurs.

Source: FOX 2 Now, “Fog, wet roads may be to blame for I-70 pile up,” Chris Regnier, Oct 30, 2013