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Surgical Errors

Surgical Errors Can Be Devastating. Our St. Louis Attorneys Can Help.

When you go in for surgery, you have the right to expect that the surgeon is qualified for the job and that the procedure will be performed correctly. It is the surgeon’s responsibility to have a complete understanding of the procedure that has been planned for you and how to perform it correctly.

Any type of mistake during surgery places the patient’s well-being at severe risk. If you are suffering in any way because of a surgeon’s error, you may have grounds to seek compensation under a medical malpractice claim. These are complex cases, and choosing the right attorney can help to ensure that your interests are protected.

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We Will Be There To Fight For You If A Surgeon’s Error Caused You Harm

At Hullverson Law Firm in St. Louis, we represent patients who are suffering because of a surgeon’s error. We understand the duty of care surgeons owe to their patients, and we know how to hold them accountable for the harm they cause when that duty is not met.

We are prepared to represent you in any surgical error claim, including those involving the following:

  • Operating on the wrong body part
  • Negligent post-operative care
  • Failure to diagnose infections, internal bleeding or other issues
  • Leaving sponges, forceps or other objects inside the patient
  • Damage to other internal organs during surgery
  • Use of infected or contaminated materials and supplies

Talk To An Attorney About Your Surgical Error Claim

Do not wait to seek legal advice about your claim. You can rest assured that your surgeon, the hospital and their lawyers are preparing an aggressive defense against your claim. It is important that you have a law firm that will fight just as hard for you. Please call us in the St. Louis area at 314-802-4928 or toll free at 866-217-4974, or contact us via email to arrange a free initial consultation.