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Nursing Home Negligence

We Seek Justice For Nursing Home Residents Who Were Harmed Due To Negligence

Nursing homes are expected to provide a safe and nurturing environment for seniors. Unfortunately, many nursing homes in Missouri are overworked and understaffed. Poor supervision and a lack of training in nursing homes have led to catastrophic and fatal accidents that could have been prevented. If your loved one was injured or died because of neglect or misconduct, obtain experienced legal help.

At Hullverson Law Firm, we provide a strong voice for families and victims of nursing home negligence in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Our commitment to victims of nursing home abuse and their loved ones stretches back many years. We have gained national recognition for our years of experience proving fault, even when fault was initially unclear.

We can help your family take a stance against negligent actions in the name of profit margins. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced St. Louis nursing home negligence lawyer. We will be happy to meet with you at your home or another convenient location.

Proving Fault In Nursing Home Negligence Claims

Proving fault against negligent nursing home practices can be particularly challenging. Often, witnesses or other home residents may be unable to remember or communicate the series of events that occurred.

As experienced lawyers and investigators, we understand the state and federal regulations that assisted living centers and nursing homes are required to follow. We may be able to subpoena the nursing home’s time cards and census information to understand if the facility was regularly staffed at appropriate levels.

When appropriate, we may review the residents’ life-care plans to understand if any safety concerns were overlooked. As part of our investigation, we may interview former staff members and family members of other residents to help substantiate any claims against the nursing home. Our law firm seeks to gather as many facts as possible to prove fault in a wide range of nursing home abuse claims, including cases involving:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Bedsore injury claims
  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Assault and sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Medication errors

We understand that no amount of compensation can reverse the harm inflicted on your loved one. Our top priority is to help you fight back and seek justice. We are highly experienced in proving fault and seeking fair compensation for any emotional or financial expenses stemming from nursing home negligence. We will apply our years of experience, resources and legal skills to your advantage.

Nursing Home Negligence Cases Handled On A Contingency Basis

Our legal fees are based on contingency. If there is no recovery in your loved one’s nursing home negligence case, you will owe us nothing for fees or expenses.

Contact A Skilled St. Louis Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer Today

If you or your loved one was the victim of nursing home negligence or abuse, call us locally at 314-802-4928 or toll free at 866-217-4974, or send us an email to schedule a free consultation. For your convenience, we will come to you for our first meeting or we will schedule a conference with you at our downtown St. Louis office.