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The Interview

The interview is the first contact that you will have with us. Whatever you tell us in that initial conference is protected by the attorney/client privilege, so that it remains confidential between you and us forever. This is a helpful premise of our profession, and we know that it will encourage you to be truthful, candid and uninhibited in telling us everything you can about the problem which has befallen you. For example, in the average case it is quite important for us to know about your medical history and other accidents and claims.

Once we’ve heard your complete story, we’re in a position to initially evaluate your legal rights against those who may be responsible for your injury. In order to fully advise you of your rights, it’s necessary for you to supply us with insurance policies that you may have which provide for health benefits, automobile benefits or other coverages, such as homeowner’s, should such coverages be relevant to your claim. Therefore, at the initial interview or after that interview, please gather up all of your health, automobile, homeowner policies and/or insurance papers and explanatory booklets, so that we can determine their applicability or effect in your present claim.