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Dangerous Defective Toys

St. Louis Lawyers For Victims Of Dangerous/Defective Toys

One of the highlights of childhood is the hours spent playing with toys and other playthings. The toy market is a competitive industry with companies striving to make items that children will love. In the hurry to come up with the latest new toy craze, however, toy manufacturers can make mistakes. When these mistakes cause a toy to be unsafe, children are put at risk.

Recovering Compensation When Toys Hurt Children

At Hullverson Law Firm, our attorneys represent parents and families whose children have been injured by defective and dangerous toys. We thoroughly investigate how the toy was designed, manufactured, marketed and distributed to determine if mistakes by the toy manufacturer placed children in danger.

If your child was injured by a defective toy, please contact our law offices in St. Louis to learn your options and how we can seek the compensation you deserve.

Manufacturers have a responsibility to put great attention and care into all stages of product development: design, manufacturing, packaging and marketing. If a company is careless or negligent in any of these stages, children are put at risk. Common examples of this include:

  • Toys that can snap, drop or hit the child
  • Toys with small pieces that children can swallow
  • Toys that aren’t packaged and marketed for the right age group
  • Toys with unsafe substances or paints that can be ingested

Our team of lawyers will work with professionals in the industry to determine what should have been done to prevent injury to your child. We will seek maximum damages from the responsible manufacturers, providing for your child’s recovery and future.

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