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The Investigation

After the interview, we will begin to investigate your claim. Our purpose is to identify those who can help in presenting your claim in court and who can bolster your position. We attempt to locate and identify witnesses and preserve evidence.

Preservation of evidence is particularly important in product liability cases, in which the success of the claim quite often depends upon having the product examined and evaluated to determine if it has any unnecessary dangers or engineering shortcomings that the law says are “defects.” Also, we believe it is important for us to have pictures of you, your injuries, and any vehicles, appliances, tools, people or places that may have contributed to your injury. Your assistance regarding the existence and location of these items is necessary.

At the same time we’re investigating the facts surrounding your injury, we will be gathering pertinent medical records and other data regarding the injury and the circumstances surrounding it. At the interview, you will sign authorizations for us to contact the people who have provided health care treatment to you. We will request copies of important and relevant medical records from the various hospitals and doctors that are involved. If you have lost, or continue to lose, wages due to absence from work because of the injuries sustained, we will obtain copies of your work attendance record, pursuant to written authorizations specifically to us, your earnings, wages, and/or business profits if it is appropriate to do so. If a claim of lost earnings is involved, we will eventually be required to substantiate that claim with these records, and in some instances the production of prior income tax returns is required. On occasion, investigation of witnesses, consultation with experts or other investigation may yield information adverse to your case. If so, at the appropriate time, we will endeavor to explain to you the effects of adverse information on your case and what to expect from our representation.