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Workers’ Compensation For Construction Workers

Resolving The Unique Workers’ Compensation Issues Facing Missouri Construction Workers

Construction workers have some of the most dangerous working conditions of any job. Even with proper safety training and precautions, accidents can still happen. When construction workers are injured on the job, they expect to be taken care of through workers’ compensation insurance. Unfortunately, instead of receiving the benefits to which they are entitled, many injured workers face resistance, denials and delays from the insurance company.

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Construction Worker Injury Claims

For construction workers who have been denied workers’ compensation benefits, life gets complicated very quickly. Construction jobs are highly physical, so many types of work injures (even minor ones) can prohibit workers from doing their jobs and earning an income. These employees depend on workers’ compensation benefits to pay for their medical treatments and to replace lost wages.

In many cases, construction workers are involved in highly serious accidents, resulting in:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Electrocution
  • Amputations

These serious injuries can result in extended hospital stays, multiple surgeries, painful rehabilitation and permanent disability. If you were seriously injured, while you focus on recovery you need experienced legal representation advocating on your behalf for fair workers’ compensation benefits.

At the Hullverson Law Firm in St. Louis, Missouri, we bring more than 90 years of legal experience to each case that we take. Our award-winning lawyers have helped a significant number of injured construction workers throughout the state. Some of our clients have been denied benefits. Many have received a benefit amount that did not match the severity of their injuries or the cost of their medical bills. And others have been abruptly cut off from their benefits. Regardless of the position you are in, our lawyers are ready to help.

Third-Party Injury Claims For Construction Workers

There are many individuals and companies working at a construction site at any given time, including contractors, subcontractors, delivery companies and other third parties. When you are injured due to the actions of one of these third-party individuals, your employer is not responsible. In other words, you probably cannot claim workers’ compensation for any resulting injuries.

However, you still have options to bring a personal injury claim against any negligent third party. Because our law firm has experience in both workers’ compensation law and personal injury, we can advise you on eligibility for each and the best way to proceed. The bottom line is, if you were injured while employed as a construction worker, regardless of who was at fault, we will fight to help you obtain compensation through the most appropriate channel.

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