Skull fractures can be caused by car crashes

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, car crashes caused 35,441 personal injuries in 2011. Head injuries such as skull fractures are a common type of injury caused by a car accident. A skull fracture is defined as any break in the skull or cranial bone. Skull fractures come in several kinds. A skull fracture may or may not result in a brain injury.

There are several kinds of skull fracture including depressed, open and closed. A physician can examine a potential fracture to determine which kind it is. The kind of treatment prescribed will depend on the kind and severity of the fracture. Symptoms of a possible skull fracture include bleeding from the ears and nose, bruising to the face, and tenderness and swelling around the area of impact. A doctor may prescribe pain medication for a mild fracture or surgery for a serious skull fracture.

If an individual has suffered a head injury such as a skull fracture as the result of a car accident, he or she might be entitled to compensation. Financial compensation can be used to pay for surgery, if needed, cover missed wages and compensate for pain or disability caused by the injury.

It can be difficult and draining to recover from a head injury. A lawyer might take care of the paperwork, negotiations and other aspects of the personal injury claim while the injured party works on recovery. In most instances, the claim can be resolved through negotiations with the defendant and his or her insurer. However, some cases may require a hearing in civil court.

Source: Missouri State Highway Patrol, “2011 Missouri Traffic Safety Compendium,” accessed on Jan. 22, 2015