Shifting cargo can cause a devastating truck-car crash

You may feel a little uneasy if you are driving on a busy freeway wedged between two big rigs. Even worse, there is no way you can get away from them because other traffic has you blocked in.

Both semis are likely carrying thousands of pounds of cargo. You can only hope that those responsible for loading the trailers handled the job properly; cargo that shifts can cause a horrendous accident.

Unsafe to drive

An overloaded truck is in violation of regulations established by both the federal government and the state of Missouri. The practice is a major cause of truck-related crashes. The main problem is that overloaded cargo is more likely to shift, which will affect the integrity of the vehicle. It will be harder to steer and will require a greater distance in which to stop. This is an especially dangerous situation if the truck is traveling downhill.

Seeking clues

As the driver of a passenger vehicle on a crowded freeway, you have few clues as to whether the 18-wheelers on either side of you are carrying more than they should. Excessive tire wear could be one clue. Repeated incidents of overloading can be hard on tires; an increased load causes them to run hotter. Also, a truck that is weaving from side to side within its lane might indicate that the driver is having trouble controlling the big vehicle because it is heavy with excessive cargo and therefore unwieldy.

A serious infraction

Overloaded cargo constitutes a serious safety infraction and opens the trucking company to liability. The truck driver could also be guilty of negligence as well as the person or company responsible for loading the truck improperly. If you become the victim of a truck-car crash, a thorough investigation will be launched to determine the cause, including the possibility of overloaded cargo. You would be due full and fair compensation for any injuries you received.