Poor communication is a leading cause of birth injuries

Giving birth is a huge event, both symbolically and medically. While a successful and smooth birth can facilitate one of the happiest moments of new parents’ lives, when a birth is managed poorly, it can lead to physical and emotional trauma. If something goes wrong during the labor process, it can be possible for the child and the mother to become injured. In some cases, the child can suffer from injuries that have effects for the rest of their lives.

If you or a loved one’s child was injured during birth, it may be possible to hold the hospital or the doctors involved accountable. Even if you cannot show that a specific mistake was made, you may be able to argue that a lack of communication during labor on the part of the doctors and nurses led to the occurrence of a birth injury. The following is an overview of how communication errors are the most common causes of preventable birth injuries.

How communication issues can cause birth injuries

Giving birth can be a stressful time for mothers. They may be in intense pain which can alter their state of mind and make it impossible for them to communicate their wishes and their needs effectively. Medical professionals must be aware of this, and they must make sure that they facilitate proper communication.

In many instances, mothers try to communicate that the pain they are experiencing has changed or that they feel that something is wrong. Medical professionals could be dismissive of these types of statements, and as a result, they may not give the mother and baby the care that they need, causing a birth injury to occur as a result.

Another way that poor communication can cause birth injuries is through miscommunication between medical professionals. For example, if a nurse notices that the baby’s oxygen levels have gone down but fails to adequately explain the severity of the issue to the doctor overseeing the labor, action may not be taken quickly enough to prevent injuries.

It’s important that legal action is taken if some form of negligence led to a birth injury. This can help hospitals to improve their standards and prevent it from reoccurring, and it can also help victims to gain the damages and compensation to which they are entitled.