New focus needed in brain injury research and treatment

Many Missouri residents receive traumatic brain injuries in car accidents every year. The degeneration that can occur following such an injury has been poorly understood. Recently, however, a new paper suggests that researchers and doctors may want to focus in a different area than the one on which they have primarily focused.

The paper was published in the Neurotherapeutics journal by researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. According to the authors, researchers have focused too much on chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a rare condition that only a few of those with traumatic brain injuries develop. The researchers believe that health care practitioners should instead focus on inflammation of the brain as a primary cause of the more common types of degeneration that occur.

According to the researchers, chronic inflammation caused by multiple concussions and more mild traumatic brain injuries can continue on for years. This can lead to long-lasting damage that occurs over time and that is irreversible. The authors stated that this inflammation should be addressed and taken seriously, and that it often shows up during brain imaging scans for people who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries. The researchers indicate that the inflammation itself may be treatable, and if it is treated, it may help to prevent further degeneration and damage.

When a person has suffered from a head injury, this paper indicates that it is important for treating doctors to look for inflammation and to treat it promptly. Doing so may help prevent more serious and irreversible damage. Those whose injuries occurred in accidents caused by the negligence of others may also benefit by seeking the help of a personal injury attorney. Legal counsel may help their clients seek damages from the at-fault party to compensate them for current and ongoing medical and treatment expenses as well as lost wages.