Everyday items that can cause personal injury

When you think of accidents and injuries, something severe such as a car crash or surgical error probably comes to mind. While these are certainly common causes of harm, they are not the only ones. In fact, hazards may be lurking inside the very walls of your home.

Knowing what these items are may help you avoid danger and recognize when you might have a personal injury claim due to a party’s negligence.

Children’s toys and products

Holidays, birthdays and parties all lead to toys spilling out of your children’s closets. Usually, these toys bring fun and excitement, but they are not foolproof objects. Many a company has recalled children’s play products voluntarily or involuntarily due to unintended dangers. Indeed, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has a long list of products that may pose a risk to children. Risks could include choking, strangulation, burns, poisoning and caught appendages, among others. Malfunctions can also lead to lack of protection, as with safety gear such as helmets or car seats.


Modern science has done wonders to advance the field of medicine. However, humans and science are fallible, and sometimes medication can do harm instead of good. In fact, there are countless examples of dangerous or defective medications that have been linked to serious side effects.

Gas appliances

Does your stove or dryer run on natural gas rather than electricity? An explosion may occur if there is a leaky hose or faulty connection. Defects cause gas to accumulate and combust under the right circumstances. Multiple parties may hold legal liability in this situation.

Auto parts

You use your vehicle every day to go to work, drop off kids, run to the store, visit the doctor and more, and it may deliver in reliability and performance. It may also cause an accident if one of its parts is defective. The last few years have seen many recalls in auto parts, such as Takata airbags. Sometimes internal components are the problem.

Your home is likely very safe. It just pays to be aware and prepared so if an accident occurs, you know where to look for accountability.