Big rig truck accident kills 1

Recently, a fatal truck accident occurred in another state.

The accident involved a big rig truck. The truck was traveling along a road in Michigan. The truck then crashed into a group of stopped vehicles, causing a chain reaction collision to ensue. The accident occurred in a construction zone. The vehicles were stopped because of a temporary traffic regulation signal in the zone.

An occupant of one of the vehicles in the above-mentioned group of stopped vehicles was fatally injured in the accident. The crash also caused several other individuals to get hurt. The Harbor Country News article which reported this story did not have details on the severity of the injuries of these individuals. The driver of the big rig was not among the injured.

This crash illustrates a point that is worth noting here in Missouri. This point is that truck accidents can sometimes have fatal results.

One thing that sometimes leads to truck accidents occurring is negligence/recklessness by truck drivers. Some examples of negligent/reckless truck driver conduct that can cause truck accidents are: distracted driving, drunk driving, drowsy driving, driving at excessive speeds and failure to obey traffic signals or signs. One hopes that all truck drivers who operate here in Missouri make sure to not engage in such conduct when out on the roads.

One also hopes that truck drivers are held accountable when they commit negligent or reckless actions which result in a fatal motor vehicle accident occurring. One thing that can play a major role in bringing about such accountability are wrongful death claims.

Source: Harbor Country News, “Five-vehicle crash in U.S. 12 construction zone kills Galien man,” Sept. 16, 2013