Autonomous trucks will bring changes to the industry

Missouri truck drivers may benefit from autonomous trucks, and experts say that the introduction of these trucks will not lead to job loss. Trucks will still need to have drivers in the cabs. However, a number of hurdles must be cleared before autonomous trucks are fully integrated into the industry. These hurdles are mainly related to regulations and infrastructure. According to the American Transportation Research Institute, some of these infrastructure upgrades include instruments for highway-to-vehicle communication, better signage and smoother highways, and these improvements are beyond the reach of the private sector. Other concerns include coordinating state and local laws, cyber security, and maintenance issues.

Working conditions for drivers may improve significantly. It is hoped that automation will reduce driver fatigue and the stress and monotony of long hours at the wheel. Drivers’ on-duty limits may become more flexible, and they may also have the opportunity to work on other parts of the job, such as logistics, while the vehicle is in motion.