Working in a warehouse? Watch out for hazards

Working in a warehouse always comes with some risks, but they can be extra dangerous during the holiday rush. The busy shopping season means more goods are flying off shelves. It’s possible that you may have suffered an injury and worked through it. Likewise, just because the holidays have passed, it does not mean there aren’t risks on the job. In fact, injuries and fatalities among warehouse workers are higher than average.

The first step to avoiding an injury at work is to learn about the potential hazards. Here are common reasons for warehouse accidents.


Your boss may ask you to work longer shifts or request for you to skip your breaks due to high demand or insufficient staffing. Working too hard or without breaks causes significant strain on your body. Simple tasks such as packaging orders and loading trucks can suddenly start to hurt you. Potential problems that may arise as a result of overworking include dehydration, back pain and repetitive stress injuries. Make sure your employer is mindful of this risk.

Falling items

Stacking products is an efficient way to save space in a warehouse. Unfortunately, this method can result in a product falling on you. This can cause serious injuries, especially if the object is heavy or sharp. 

Forklift wrecks

A forklift is an important piece of heavy machinery for any warehouse. If you have extensive experience using a forklift, make sure you do not become too comfortable. Always remain vigilant about possible dangers and review safety procedures. If you are relatively new to operating a forklift, be cautious and make sure you receive the proper training. An accident involving a forklift may be deadly.

Slips, trips and falls

The following are common causes of falling accidents in warehouses:

  • Clutter in workspaces
  • Losing your footing when working at great heights
  • Poorly lit areas
  • Slippery surfaces

Always remain aware of your surroundings and report potential dangers to your employer before they wreak havoc on your workplace.