What if you’re injured in a car accident while working?

Every day, delivery drivers, bus drivers, couriers and truckers spend hours on Missouri roads. At some point, they may become involved in a vehicle accident while on the job. What happens if they suffer an injury though? How will they pay their medical bills?

Workman’s compensation and third-party injury claims

First, workman’s compensation will cover your injury costs if you suffer an injury while driving for work. However, you also may have a third-party personal injury claim. Here are some examples when you might want to consider a third-party lawsuit:

  • You suffered serious injuries because of another driver’s negligence. Your recovery and treatment will cause you to miss significant amounts of work.
  • You suffered an injury that is permanent and will need long-term care.
  • You suffered an injury in an accident caused by defective car parts.

With a third-party injury lawsuit, you will seek compensation from the negligent driver who caused the accident or from a vehicle manufacturer. If you are a trucker involved in a serious crash with another truck driver, you may need to sue the driver’s employer if you suffered serious injuries.

Getting help with a third-party injury claim

If you feel you might have a third-party personal injury claim after an accident, consult an experienced attorney. An attorney can help you fight to receive the injury compensation you deserve.

You shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else’s negligence. Your workers’ compensation benefits might not be enough to cover serious injuries that need long-term treatment. With a third-party personal injury claim, you may get the compensation you need to move forward with your life.