Watch out for these risks during the holidays

The holidays are supposed to be one of the happiest times of the year, but there are several ways the season can quickly turn into a difficult or even tragic time. Increased activity due to things such as more drivers on the road and crowded shopping malls means that there is an increased chance for injuries.

While there is no need to be alarmist about the increased risk of injury during the holidays, it is still opportune for you to be aware of these hazards so you can be vigilant. A few simple tips could help you avoid a serious injury or accident this holiday season.

More drunk drivers on the roads

It is a well-known fact that there are more drunk drivers on the roads during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. With an abundance of celebrations and parties involving alcohol, as well as some of the loneliness that goes along with the season, chances are good that you will encounter more drunk drivers in this period in comparison to the rest of the year. During the winter holidays, intoxicated drivers are responsible for 40 percent of traffic-related deaths according the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, says BACtrack.

More shoppers in stores

While awareness of the drunk-driving phenomenon is widespread, the risks of increased shoppers in stores is something that most people do not consider. However, when shopping centers get extra busy, chaos can ensue, and this can lead to negligence on the part of shopkeepers that can result in injury. One example is when clerks do not properly maintain a shop floor to help customers avoid injuries. Just one broken bottle of a slippery substance like bath gel that a clerk does not rapidly clean up can lead to a serious slip-and-fall injury.

If you take extra precautions during the holidays to be a defensive driver and stay aware of your surroundings while in crowded shopping malls, you will have a much better chance of avoiding any sort of accident that could lead to a serious injury.