Verdict reached in case involving medical procedure complication

Unfortunately, complications sometimes arise in relation to medical procedures. Complications from medical procedures can be very harmful to patients, particularly when doctors or hospitals fail to respond properly to such complications. Complication-related negligence can sometimes even have fatal results. Thus, it is very important for doctors and hospitals to act properly when it comes to the detection and treatment of complications from medical procedures.

Recently, a jury in St. Louis County reached a decision in a case that involved allegations of complication-related negligence.

The case involved a St. Louis hospital. In 2011, a woman underwent a cardiac catheterization procedure at the hospital.

According to the woman’s family, a complication (a dissected coronary artery) arose from this procedure.

The woman’s family alleged that this complication was not treated in a proper and timely manner and that this led to the woman dying soon after the procedure.

A wrongful death lawsuit was brought against the hospital and a doctor by the woman’s family in relation to these allegations. A trial was held and the jury recently reached a verdict. The jury ruled in favor of the woman’s family and granted them a large monetary award.

As this case shows, families will sometimes pursue wrongful death claims when they have lost a loved one and suspect that the death was caused by medical negligence. Wrongful death claims are one of the ways families can seek financial relief for the impacts of losing a loved one due to medical negligence.

Wrongful death cases involving medical negligence allegations can be very complicated in nature. Thus, if a family is considering bringing a medical negligence-related wrongful death claim, it may wish to consider speaking with an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

Source: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “St. Louis County jury awards $10.8 million medical negligence verdict,” Jim Doyle, Aug. 30, 2013