Vehicle strikes, kills man in Missouri neighborhood

A 56-year-old man died in an apparent hit-and-run pedestrian accident in St. Louis, authorities reported. Police commenced an investigation into the July 16 incident, which reportedly occurred near an Enright Avenue residence.

Reportedly, the vehicle involved in the pedestrian accident was traveling at a high rate of speed before losing control and striking the 56-year-old man. Ultimately, the vehicle flipped over and came to a stop on its roof, authorities reported.

According to police, the driver and a passenger from that vehicle fled the accident scene on foot. Police indicated that they are actively searching for both individuals.

Authorities reported that the 56-year-old pedestrian was a family man and that his family was outraged by the accident. Reportedly, family members of the 56-year-old man wish for justice in regard to the fatal accident.

If authorities were to identify the driver involved in this July 16 event, that person might be held accountable for the accident not just criminally but also in civil court. For, many families of deceased accident victims file wrongful death claims against the parties demonstrably at fault for the accident. In this way, bereaved family members seeking justice after the sudden and unforeseen death of their loved ones may pursue financial compensation for the economic damages they suffered in connection with the fatal incident.

If successful, claimants in a wrongful death suit may be awarded restitution for the expenses associated with the decedent’s funeral service, burial and estate administration. Moreover, claimants might receive compensation for lost earnings if the decedent had contributed income to dependents or the family household prior to death. In order to prevail in such a lawsuit, the victim’s family and their wrongful death attorney must prove to a civil court that the defendant should be held liable for the auto accident and its consequent damages.

Source: KSDK, “Family seeks justice after man crushed by car”, Elizabeth Matthews, July 17, 2014