Types of damages following a car accident

September 23rd, 2019 saw several people suffer injuries from various traffic collisions around Missouri. A two-car crash occurred on Country Road 190, and while two people had to go to the hospital, they did not sustain critical injuries. 

No matter how severe an auto accident is, it is always possible for the individuals involved to suffer from extreme injuries. If your insurance company refuses to offer compensation for all your ensuing expenses, then you may need to file a lawsuit. You can attempt to recover various types of damages to get your life back on track. 


When most people think about damages from a car accident, they think about economic ones. These are new expenses that have a direct monetary value. Through a claim, an injured party can recover medical expenses if the person has to go to a hospital after the crash. This can also include ongoing medical expenses if you need to see a physical therapist or take medication in the weeks and months that follow the collision. It can also include damage to personal property, which, in this case, would most often be your vehicle. You may also be able to recover funds if you need to miss time off work. 


It is also possible following a car crash to have non-economic damages. You may have heard people discuss “pain and suffering” in relation to a personal injury. There is no direct monetary value connected to pain and suffering, but your legal team will try to convince the court how you suffered and what you should have entitlements for. Your case may bring up how you suffered in other ways as a result of the car crash due to someone else’s negligence. For example, you may have emotional trauma that could take a while to recover from, and that is just as worthy of compensation as anything else.