Trucking accidents: Who is responsible?

Evidence is crucial when it comes to determining liability for an accident between a truck and a motor vehicle. An accident can cause emotional, physical and financial damage to both the trucker and the person driving a car, so residents of Missouri may want to know more about finding out the cause.

An accident report is first created

When police arrive at the scene, they create an accident report. A state truck inspector may arrive to examine the vehicle; this is done before removing the damaged auto. Some of the things that they might check for, according to the National Law Review, include:

  • Overload of the truck
  • Defects of the truck
  • Low tire treads
  • Other malfunctions

You may help the investigation

If you are able to take photos, do this at the scene. Talk to anyone who was a witness and get their contact information. If you see skid marks on the road, take a photo of that as well. You might document any injuries, such as cuts or burns, if that is possible. A photo of your vehicle damage is another piece of documented evidence that is important in motor vehicle accidents.

An investigation may uncover the cause

A disturbing fact is that trucks are involved in 1 in 10 highway deaths. There are many reasons that might be the cause of a trucking accident. An investigation might assess whether the following played a role:

  • Speeding to expedite delivery
  • Repair failure or lack of maintenance
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Road conditions
  • An overloaded or badly loaded truck
  • Drugs, alcohol or lack of attention due to cellphone use

Although some of these causes have laws in place for their prevention, a variety of factors may cause an accident. An investigation may uncover who is ultimately responsible.

If you have been in an accident with a truck, it may be beneficial to contact a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. They may be able to help you recover damages and get on with your life after an accident.