Stop believing these 3 auto accident myths

Car accidents are, unfortunately, common. Sadly, approximately 2.35 million people receive injuries, and 37,000 people die in car crashes every year. Due to the fact that motor vehicle collisions are so common, it is vital to know what to do after one.

You should follow certain steps after a collision to protect your financial, legal and health interests. But it can be easy to make mistakes because there is so much misinformation about car accidents floating around. Here are some of the top myths to stop believing about auto wrecks.

Myth #1: “Insurance companies are reasonable and trustworthy”

If you file an accident claim, you may assume the insurance adjuster is someone you can trust. But insurers do not work for victims of car accidents. The goal of insurance adjusters is to pay out as little as possible. Placing your trust in the hands of the insurer is one of the costliest mistakes you can make. 

Myth #2: “I do not need to go to the doctor for minor injuries”

Of course, it is a good thing if you do not sustain any severe injuries after a wreck. But that does not necessarily mean you are not hurt. You still deserve to pursue compensation for your injuries from a negligent driver. Plus, the adrenaline immediately after the accident may stop you from recognizing injuries. It is always a good idea to get medical attention after a crash, even if you only have whiplash or sprains. 

Myth #3: “I should accept the first settlement offer”

The aftermath of an auto collision can be confusing and frustrating. It can take weeks or even months to figure everything out. If you are in a hurry to get any amount of compensation, you may think it is a good idea to accept the first settlement offer from the insurance provider. But this is often a lowball offer that does not cover the extent of your expenses. You should work with your attorney to negotiate a proper amount.