Some car accident injuries show up after the crash

Whiplash can occur after a motor vehicle accident and result in neck and back pain, but it is unlike many other injuries because it is not always detectable right after a crash. It is most common in rear-end or side-impact wrecks, but Missouri residents might have one or more of these delayed symptoms when suffering from whiplash after any crash.

If one experiences neck, shoulder or back pain several days after a collision takes place, then one might have whiplash. The shoulder and neck might also be stiff, and a physician can identify whiplash by using CT scans, MRIs or X-rays. While these aches and pains could trouble one for a long time after an accident without proper treatment, more serious problems could take place when suffering from headaches. It is important to seek medical treatment when experiencing this delayed symptom as it could signal a blood clot on the brain or a brain injury like a concussion.

Some concussions are mild and heal with time, but more serious forms of traumatic brain injury may require monitoring and specific treatment. Changes in one’s demeanor and physical capabilities can signal that one has a TBI, like feeling depression or having trouble with cognition, memory, hearing, vision or movement. Along with physical problems, mental and emotional damage can take place after a crash, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

When a car accident was caused by the negligence of another driver, an injured victim may wish to speak with an attorney to determine the recourse available. In some cases it may be advisable to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver.