Brain injury patients at risk for developing PTSD

Missouri residents who have suffered a mild brain injury in the past may be interested to learn that, according to a study, they may be at an increased risk for suffering post-traumatic stress disorder. However, knowing that mild head trauma could lead to PTSD means that getting more timely treatment may be possible.

During the study, researchers analyzed the brains of civilian emergency service providers who had suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. Of the participants, researchers found that 27 percent of those with a mild traumatic brain injury were found to have PTSD when they went back for follow-up care six months following the original injury.

The screening for PTSD included looking for specific indicators, which included functional disability and psychiatric symptoms. Additionally, the patients had their visual processing and mental flexibility tested. The person’s pre-injury education, cause of the brain injury and psychiatric history were also taken into account to determine if there were any predictive factors to determine if certain individuals were more likely to develop PTSD. Ultimately, the study showed that more routine evaluation following a mild traumatic brain injury could lead to an earlier diagnosis.

These types of head injuries can often result in serious and long-lasting consequences for the victims. Extensive medical care and treatment might be required, and in some cases victims are no longer able to work at the same level as they were before the injury took place. If the injury was due to the negligence of another party, such as a car accident caused by a distracted or impaired driver, an attorney could assist in seeking appropriate compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.