Auto accidents often increase in the summer

Many drivers assume that accidents are highest in the winter when snow and ice on the roadways can make travel hazardous; however, the summer months are often a more dangerous time to be on the roads.

There are a variety of reasons that auto accidents and injuries are more likely to occur during the summer.

Reasons accidents increase in the summer

With school out, there are more teenage drivers on the roads during the summer. Inexperienced drivers tend to cause more accidents in general and more serious accidents that result in injuries and deaths in particular. The 100 days following the Memorial Day holiday are the “100 Deadliest Days of Summer.”

Summer vacations and nice weather lead to more drivers being on the road and road congestion can lead to accidents. Drivers often become impatient, frustrated and distracted when driving in heavy traffic, which can lead to driving errors and an increase in road rage incidents. Additionally, people on vacation are often unfamiliar with the roads they are traveling on, which can lead to erratic driving.

Finally, road construction tends to be at a peak in the summer months. Detours, narrow lanes, reduced speeds and driver frustration all contribute to accidents in work zones.

How to stay safe

The Missouri Department of Transportation urges drivers to wear seatbelts, reduce driving speeds, drive sober and avoid driving while distracted. Pay attention to warning signs and observe safety precautions in work zones.

Educating teenage drivers and practicing safe driving habits can reduce your chances of getting into a summertime auto accident.