Annual conference focuses on healing from burns

When someone is injured in an accident, how quickly and the extent to which they will heal varies depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. While no injury is desirable, burns are some of the most difficult to recover from. In addition to taking a long time to heal, the injuries are painful, both physically as well as emotionally. Because of the scars that remain it can be difficult for injured individuals to move forward even after the wounds have healed.

To address some of the needs of individuals who are healing from burns, each year burn victims, their caregivers and firefighters meet for several days for the World Burn Congress. This year’s meeting, which included participants from countries throughout the world, recently concluded. Over the course of the most recent meeting, participants took part in group meetings and social activities with other individuals in similar situations.

While annually more than 3,000 people die in fires, a much larger number, more than 500,000 individuals, are hurt in fires. As medical advancements make it possible for those who suffer from burns to survive, addressing their emotional and physical needs after the fact becomes more and more important. These can range from relearning how to do simple physical things that they used to do without thinking, to coping with anxiety associated with trying to assimilate back into society with physical scars.

The healing process is undoubtedly a stressful period of time. Dealing with the medical bills that likely continue to mount during that period does not make it any easier. It can be hard to fathom how one will pay them if they are unable to work. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the burn injury it is possible that finances to cover these bills could be obtained via a personal injury lawsuit.

Source: Providence Journal, “World Burn Congress draws survivors, caregivers and firefighters to Providence,” Tracy Breton, Oct. 9, 2013