An overview of burn injuries

Although a burn can be a serious event, most result in minor injuries that will heal with time. Common types of minor burns that occur to Missouri residents include contact with a hot iron, contact with hot water or accidentally touching a hot stove. Although it may sound counterintuitive, it is possible to suffer a burn after touching a cold surface. These occur when wet skin is exposed to cold temperatures, wind or generally cold conditions.

Heat burns or thermal burns occur when an individual is exposed to steam, fire or hot surfaces. Scald burns from hot liquid water are among the most common burns that children or adults suffer from. Radiation and chemical burns occur because of excessive exposure to the sun, a heat lamp or any acidic substance. If an individual is struck by lightning or comes into contact with a downed wire or electrical socket, the burn is considered to be an electrical burn.

Friction burns are another common type of burn that both children and adults suffer from. An example of a friction burn is making contact with a hard surface such as a road after a fall or after a car accident. Friction burns that occur on roadways are often referred to as road rash. When the skin makes contact with a carpet or a gym floor, an individual may suffer an abrasion in addition to a burn.

Electrical burn injuries can also be caused by defective products. A person who has been injured in such a manner may want to speak with an attorney to determine whether it would be advisable to seek compensation from the manufacturer of that product.