4 back-to-school driving tips

Car accidents are still far too prevalent on Missouri roadways. In St. Louis alone, 172 serious injuries took place in 2015. Over 4,500 serious injuries occurred throughout the entire state. 

With school back in session, more people are going to be on the road at the beginning and end of every day. Things can become particularly hectic around the school itself because potentially hundreds of parents are trying to pick up their kids at the exact same time. This only increases the chances of a car accident taking place, especially around school parking lots. Be smart this school year, and follow these four tips to stay safe. 

1. Slow down in school zones

The streets around schools have lower speed limits for a reason. Children may stroll through crosswalks, and you need to stay vigilant. Keep your eyes on the road at all times, and avoid becoming distracted by your phone or anything else. 

2. Be wary of school buses

Do not attempt to pass a school bus stopped on the road. If a police officer catches you going around it when it has a stop sign extended, then the police could pull you over and issue you a ticket. 

3. Follow all school rules

When picking up kids, it is important to follow any rules the school may have. There may be a designated areas for parents to park and a set amount of time for how long adults can park there. These rules may seem frustrating, but they exist for children’s safety. Follow them, and make any parking attendants’ jobs a little bit easier. 

4. Carpool

The beginning of the school year is a good time to meet with other parents and discuss setting up a carpool. It is good for the environment because fewer cars will be on the road. It also makes school parking lots less hectic. If other families at your school live in the neighborhood, then talk to them about the possibility.