3 situations that may result in catastrophic injuries

Suffering an injury is never convenient. People get into accidents daily that may inflict severe and sometimes fatal injuries.

Catastrophic injuries cause a substantial change in the victim’s function and lifestyle. These injuries have far-reaching consequences and may even result in death. Recognizing some of the common situations that may result in catastrophic injuries can help you avoid them or prepare yourself for what comes next.

1. Motor vehicle versus semi-truck accident

Millions of vehicles take to the roads in Missouri every day, and a large number of these are semi-trucks. These big rigs provide a vital service taking goods from one area to another. However, encountering one of these in a bad situation may leave a motor vehicle driver with life-threatening injuries. One of the largest causes of catastrophic injuries is the collision between a car and a truck. The sheer size of these trucks makes it almost impossible for drivers and passengers in cars to walk away without some type of life-altering injury.

2. Reckless behavior leading to falls

Selfies are all the rage, and getting the perfect photo from scenic vistas may prove deadly. Falls from perilous heights is a situation that often results in serious injuries and even death. Head trauma and spinal cord injuries may leave you paralyzed, without a fully functioning nervous system or worse. Taking a tumble down the stairs or tripping at a construction site may also result in the same devastating consequences.

3. Heavy machinery accident on a construction site

Working construction is a dangerous job if workers do not follow proper safety procedures. Getting too close to equipment may lead to the loss of a limb. Operating machinery when not qualified may also result in an injury to you and fellow workers.

When you suffer an injury that changes your life substantially, you will need financial support for the rest of your life. Getting what you need may come down to hiring a firm that can best represent your interests.